As my work got bigger and bigger I needed new material. Zinc is the perfect solution for me.
I mastered my solder skills and now I only need help to weld the stainless steel armature that is inside.
This enables me to make big sculptures for outside. This grey colors differently every day as the weather changes.
The sculptures are movable objects, the wind changes its position.
They are an attraction in your garden!    Enjoy the different sculptures. 


Can a gesture say more than words?

These 18 different hands are sign-language, their gestures communicate.
The small hand is made of bronze (3-4 cm), mounted on a bronze rod (17-18 cm) patinated in different colours, placed on a plexiglass blok (5 x 5 x 5 cm).


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Dare to eat different

My inspiration for the creation of these sculptures was based on two factors:
Unfortunately, only the scandals make the news.
My initial reaction was to believe every alarmist article that was published.
Now that I am better informed, I see the many different sides of the story.


This summer it was Ice cream time ! Or better I SCREAM… why scream? Most of the times when our grand children saw a dead butterfly or insect they would scream and feel sad. I wanted to turn these sad moments into fun experiments so we started collecting them. We dried them and gave them an eternal exposure into a resin ice scream. It is a great methaphore between the ice cream we love but also dislike because of the calories we eat.


I noticed my own signature more and more in this series. My shapes have beautiful curved lines with harder edges. The surface is incredibly smooth, sanded to perfection, which gives my sculptures a more contemporary look.

I wanted another finish than bronze patina’s so I stopped at a car body- shop where the possibilities are endless. The beautiful metallic paints add even more to the sculpture than I could have imagined beforehand.


These pieces were inspired by the word “Network”. Suddenly I was constantly confronted with this word, something that both intrigued and irritated me. I like to take inspiration from constant thoughts in my head, which is what led to NETWORKS.While a few years ago you might have a membership at a club, or a football club, or sing in a choir, these days that’s no longer enough and we’re all hard at ‘net-working’. In everything we do. It seems that being part of a community or group has become fraught with double meaning.