After a workshop “how to handle a chainsaw”, I was looking for new subjects…I knew one thing; it had to be big. Because with a chainsaw you work big!

On television we see more and more programs where cooks juggle with food and ingredients to make new dishes. I am not so much into cooking but these programs seem to have planted a seed in me. Are we really going to eat different in the future ? We eat more and more vegetarian and vegan. Is our  food pattern changing? Are insects and worms making their advance to our menu?

A neighbour had to cut a huge tree and I opted to take care of the wood… I got many big pieces of willow wood. More than I could handle.

After my fathers death ( he was a hunter) he had donated me a box of antlers ,teeth, skins etc from his so called trophies. This box ended in the cellar. I saw no connection or application for them. I never liked the fact that he hunted.

I started to model the pieces of wood into big fruits and vegetables and this cooking idea got me into combining my fathers heritage into New Delicious Creations.

Follow me on my new line Creative modified fruits and vegetables and  DARE TO EAT DIFFERENT.